Terms & Conditions

Our Staff

Our highly experienced ' Dedicated ' and ' Support ' Staff are fully insured*

Our staff are vetted bonded and monitored.

Our staff are fully trained and endeavour to treat your home and possessions with the greatest possible care.

Our Staff will not eat or smoke in your home.


We operate a fully coded key holding service.

We are insured to protect your home and our staff.

Customer Care

We maintain regular contact with you in order to ensure the best possible service.

Bleach and abrasive products are used only at the customer's request and risk.


Strictly on day of service visit.

Cash only on first visit, thereafter Cash or Cheques ( payable to J.Harris )

BACS for emergencies only e.g forgotten payments.

Postponements / No access

Without notice : Payment due in full, less materials.

Less than 7 days notice : Payment due in full, less travel and materials.


Whilst we take great care when cleaning your home, we recognise that accidents can happen and ask you to consider removing precious,fragile or cherished items for your peace of mind.

Your Obligations

Bizzee Beez Cleaning Service ask you to provide and maintain the following to eliminate the risk of cross contamination :-

To provide a safe working environment for our staff, e.g. safe electrical appliances, securely fixed wardrobes,cupboards, shelves etc.

To pay promptly for all cleaning hours provided on the day of the service call.

During the period of this agreement and for a period of 12 months after the termination of this agreement, the client will not employ any staff that have been employed by Bizzee Beez Cleaning Service.Bizzee Beez Cleaning Service reserves the right to claim any damages, loss of earnings, recruitment costs, training costs and any court costs where appropriate, subject to a minimum of £250.

The client may not employ Bizzee Beez Cleaning Services staff.

We want you to enjoy the maximum benefit of our service and respectfully remind you that a few moments tidying before we arrive will substantially increase the benefits.

Termination of Service

After we have provided 2 months service, we will require a notice period of 2 service visits.


Bizzee Beez Cleaning Service want to ensure that we are protecting our valued clients as much as we can and to thi extent we can say with confidence that we are 'fully insured' for employers liability and public/products liability.

Our company insurance policy, designed specifically for Cleaning Contractors automaticallyincludes:

We are approved to carry out all types of internal and external cleaning on domestic and commercial premises including and not limited to carpet/upholstery/soft furnishing cleaning, pressure washing and window and gutter cleaning to 25m

* Our accidental damage insurance includes damage caused by the use of abrasive products or the use and spillage of bleach. We do not provide cover for accidental damage for the first £250 of any loss. Please make your own insurance arrangements for the excess.

All year round Service from ' Dedicated Staff '

Many of our clients prefer to continue with our Service Visits whilst they are on holiday as we can devote time to more specific tasks and also ensure they return to a fresh,clean home.

This Service will be provided by our ' Dedicated Staff '

The same staff will call each visit except in the case of sickness or their own holiday/s when 'Support Staff ' will be offered whenever possible.

' As Required ' Service

If you prefer to utilise our ' As Required ' service, we make no charge for a cancellation, provided we receive 7 days notice.

Service will be provided by our ' Support Staff '

We cannot guarantee the same staff will attend your needs on every occasion with this service.



Privacy Policy

Your E-mail address, name, and mailing address will be used by us to inform you about future events and promotions. The information provided by you to us will not be sold to, or shared or traded with, any third party.