A great big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to convey their thoughts:-

Q. I hope everything is going well and you continue to be pleased with our service?

"Hi John. Yes thank you we are very pleased. Thanks"
Steph W. Chipping Sodbury (14/4/17)

Hi John,
Yes thank you, we are very happy with Susan, she's great.
Kindest regards
Donna, Bradley Stoke (14/4/17)

Hi John,
Just wanted to email to say Steph did a great job today. Really high standard of cleaning. Thank you for sending Steph our way.
Amy A. Bradley Stoke (5/4/2017)

Hi John,
Everything is going well thank you - we can't fault Stephanie at all! Thanks.
Natalie. Bradley Stoke (22/5/17)

Thank you for a lovely clean today. X
T.W (29/03/2017)

Very happy with my cleaning service, thorough and efficient, always exceeds my expectations , Communication has been great from start to finish , thank you :)
Liz (16/03/2017)

Really pleased with Sue, she does in two hours what would take me a week to get around to! She's always reliable, friendly and helpful. Couldn't be happier - thank you!
Sheila. North Common (13/09/2016)

We love our cleaning service! I have no idea how we would ever go without now. Really helps us keep on top of things.
Ryan W. Yate (09/08/2016)

All good for us, very reliable.
Nicola D. Emersons Green (09/08/2016)

Hope all is well with you and the Bizzee Beez crew.Needless to say I am very pleased with Cathy's continued hard work
Rachael H.

Response from routine check up :-

Yes thanks John.
Our lady is fabulous!

Stoke Gifford

" Hi John,
Yes, everything is good."

Stoke Gifford

Routine check :-

Hi Sharon
I hope all is going well and Ron is pleased with our service ?
Kind Regards

Hi John
Have asked him once or twice about it and yes, I think he is very pleased with the cleaning service he is being provided with. He can see that having a cleaner makes all the difference and he then doesn't have to worry about doing these jobs himself. So thank you for your services. All is going well.
Kind Regards

It's a pleasure to have receive lovely feedback from one of our Stoke Gifford customers yesterday.....................

" All is going very well thank you John.
Jayne is brilliant,everything we ask of her she does exceptionally well.
Very pleased with the service.

Hello John,
Many thanks for the visit. I really appreciate the time you took to prepare and go through all the "obvious" stuff to you, but stuff for me I never sat down and thought about , and it is obvious stuff now but glad you went through everything.
I love the flexibility of "leaving notes" if I want to change my priorities. Such great flexibility.

Hello John,
I had to write an email to you with regard to my 1.5 hour first time clean today.
Absolutely amazing !
I always like to comment on feedback if its exceptionally good or really really bad. Well this is up there !
Exceptional work.
Firstly I left her 2 filthy rooms to clean and asked if she could do the vacuuming upstairs if she has time.
Secondly, the heat is unbearable for me in an office, so god knows how she coped.
Thirdly I was amazed that she got so much extra not on my list done.
Absolutely made up, I would highly recommend Bizzee Beez.
Thank you, here's to many many more visits!
Bradley Stoke

Hello Ellen.
I hope all is well and you continue to be pleased with our service?

Hi John Very pleased indeed.

Ellen Joly
Stoke Gifford

Hello Jon / Karen
I hope all is going well and you continue to be pleased with our service?

"Hi John, Very happy"
Jon Wallace

Thank you John.
Yes, everything is going fine thank you "
Engine Common,Yate

Hi John,
Laura did a great job last week......
Oldland Common

Hi John
I have been happy with the standard of the cleaning the girls have provided over the last few weeks. Even my (quite fussy!!) husband is happy.
I have noticed there are a few things the girls are doing over and above our old cleaners too.


Hi John,
Nice to hear from you.
Everything fine. Very Happy with Sue, she is a lovely lady.
Best Regards

Dear John,
I was going to send you a note the other week to say how pleased I am with Kathy's standard of work, it is so nice to know she is coming in and not have the worry of how I'm going to manage to keep on top of the housework.
She is friendly and approachable and it's been great knowing I can ask her to do a specific task if its needs doing.
She now has a key which I have given her today.
Hope all is well with you and the family.
Kind Regards
Rachael Hawkins

My rather large house, which is also home to various pets and farmers was in need of a blitz and that was exactly what Bizzee Beez gave it.
I explained that I did not want someone to half heartedly push a cleaner and duster around but someone to wash skirting boards and window frames etc and do the things I didn't get around to. They were magic!!
Mrs R.Merrett.

Hi John,
Fay cleaning very well
Jon Wallace (Mapleridge Cottage, Horton)

After being let down by various companies I am so pleased to finally find a reliable cleaning business. Very pleased so far with both the professional service/support and the cleaning itself. Would definitely recommend.

I have my house cleaned on a weekly basis and am very pleased with the quality and high standard of clean that bizzee beez provide. I would highly recommend them to anybody.
Ron Benk

Bizzee Beez always do a fantastic job and are very efficient. The staff are very friendly and trustworthy and the service is very good value for money.
Would recommend them to anyone, its lovely to come home to a spotless house. Means i have more time to do other things.

Thank you
Janet B

I have been using Bizzee Beez for over a year and I can Honestly say that if it wasn't for the girls' hard work my house would be a mess. I have weekly visits and i look forward to coming home to a spotless house.
Thanks Bizzee Beez!

Paul K

Dear John
I am extremely happy with the service you provide. Anne does a thorough job and uses her initiative with what needs doing which is brilliant. I trust her like one of the family which is crucial when allowing someone into your home and personal space. I give you a five star rating and would highly recommend Bizzee Beez to anyone wishing to hire a cleaner.
Thank you for a wonderful service and for all Anne's hard work it is really appreciated.
Sara Matthews

We are long standing customers of Bizzee Beez. They clean our house on a weeekly basis. The service they provide is exceptional. Their employees are always friendly, helpful, cheerful and efficient. They get through a great deal of work in the time available and the house always looks lovely when they are finished. The service is also very reliable. They have never let us down. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting a first rate cleaning service at an excellent price.

Caroline Gurney

Fantastic job today, we were really pleased.
We are really pleased with what has been done.

Valerie Salt

Just thought I would catch up to say how happy we are with Mel - although I think we are expecting too much in two hours every other week, so we would like this to be weekly in the new year.

Andy Ferris

Hi John

Good to hear from you. I am really pleased with Annette, she is very thorough and impressed me by turning up early on her first visit so that I would have time to show her around.

Sheila Pinney

Hi Louise.
I hope all continues to go well?
Hi John

Yes thank you, please pass on to Judy she's doing a great job, keep meaning to leave a note but always so rushed in the mornings!
You can also say Thursdays are now my favourite day coming home to a clean house!

Louise Henley

Hi John Thank you for your email. Yes - just to let you know that I will be sorry to lose your great service too! It has been such a huge help whilst I've been working very long hours.
We will keep you posted. Thank you so much.
Kind Regards
Jo Garner

I must report what a fantastic service we have found Bizzebeez to be.
On time, thorough and efficient.

Kind Regards
David Moss

Hi John
Yes - everything is fine. Usually now my mother in law is in the house before I am after one of your visits, and her comment the other day was that the house was immaculate!

Hi John
Thanks for email.
Liz has been great! We are very pleased and love coming home on the days Liz has cleaned.
Many thanks and have a good Easter weekend.
Jenny Warmley (15/4/17)

Hi John.
All is going well thank you. We are really pleased with the service and Marce does an excellent job.
Leah. Little Stoke (25/4/17)

Hi John
Just had my 3rd visit from Steph and very pleased. I haven't vacuumed since she started, ideal! Thanks.
Sally B. Yate (27/4/2017)

I'm still getting on really well with Marcey, having her help has made a huge difference to our lives.
Rachel A. Stoke Gifford (13/6/17)

Yes thank you, we are very pleased with the service that Liz delivers. She is always on time, reliable, easy to have in our home and is happy to discuss and adapt the cleaning routine to the weeks' requirements. It has made my life a lot easier and I'm even enjoying a bit of free time now! How about branching out into gardens....?!
Susan F. (22/03/2017)

Sue has come to clean twice and has done a good job. Thanks for the service.
Bernard S. Yate (21/02/2017)

What i like about Bizzee Beez cleaners - is that they dont just clean - they think outside the box. they care. which is very rare in this day and age. Marcey is my cleaner and shes amazing. i have been using Bizzee Beez for a few years and i would highly recommend them. I feel they are safe and trustworthy staff and do a damn good job and if they do all the things on my check list - i say "If you get time , i doubt it but if you do" could you do . and 10/10 they do it. Amazing service.
Cath M. Bradley Stoke (13/08/2016)

Sue does a brilliant job for me everytume she cleans. She works so hard and is very friendly. I highly recommend this company.
Jemma Y. Yate (13/08/2016)

I cannot rate this company highly enough. The initial meeting with John was very thorough, he answered all of my questions well and I felt completely at ease with letting someone into my home. The cleaner appointed to me is Marcey, and she is AMAZING so friendly, does a fantastic job cleaning and is happy to help with little jobs like putting my washing on and then putting it on the line.
RM. Stoke Gifford (31/05/2016)

Hi John
I've been meaning to get in touch to say that yes, we are really pleased! Tina's been doing a fantastic job..in fact we can't quite believe how much she gets done! It's taken a big weight off our shoulders and means we can spend our weekends out and about!
We hope you're well

I was thinking I would rather leave a fuller review :-
Fay has now cleaned our house 3 times and each time it has been perfect. What a treat to come home from work and the house is so clean but without an overpowering synthetic smell (so whatever Fay uses suits us). We leave each other notes to communicate but I know she is at the end of the mobile too. I am so glad I have Bizzeebeez - they were one of 3 companies I researched and I am very happy with my choice
Sara Thornbury

Hi, just to say thank you.
Fay has done an amazing job!
Stoke Gifford

Bizzee Beez have always delivered an exceptional service and I have been particularly impressed with both Kiri and Cathy. Fingers crossed that when I finally settle in Sussex I'm able to find a another company that matches Bizzee Beez standards and reliability

Good morning John,
I am writing to let you know that we are currently in the process of selling our house and it looks like we will be moving in the new year. Faye has done a wonderful job, and were it not for the fact we are moving out of the area we would be continuing our relationship.

Hi John Have asked my Dad once or twice about it and yes, I think he is very pleased with the cleaning service he is being provided with. He can see that having a cleaner makes all the difference and he then doesn't have to worry about doing these jobs himself. So thank you for your services. All is going well.
Kind Regards

Hi John,
Thanks for all your help this year in arranging a cleaner for us, it's been challenging for you but Cathy is great.
Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

" Hi John
Thanks for you email. To be honest I am a little unsure that the level of clean is what I am looking for, I am thinking this is mainly due to the time allocated is not enough.
When you came we talked about the importance of cleaning the high gloss cupboards and glass shower properly so not to leave smears.
I wish to continue to use your company and I do not want to make an issue of these things but would hope to work with you to get them right. I need feedback in order to do a more thorough clean, would an extra hour be enough?
Sorry it's not a straight positive answer, I was waiting to see if she settled into a routine before I mentioned it.
Many Thanks, Cath

Hi John
We are extremely pleased with the service you all provide. The cleaning itself is consistently of a very high standard, and always reliable and very professional in terms of letting us know of any change to arrangements. The house is a pleasure to come home to when Anne and Suzanne have visited and is invaluable to working parents like us.
Thanks for all your efforts and rest assured that we'd be happy to recommend your services to anyone.
Best wishes

I just wanted to drop a note to say how happy I am with your service.
Please thank Anne for another brilliant cleaning job this week.
I am very pleased, as she uses her own initiative and communication is brilliant.
Thanks Sara M.

The cleaners have been doing a brilliant job.
We are really pleased with all the work so far.

Ruth & Phil Martin

Hello, John
I haven't been with you very long but I would like to say that I am more than pleased with the service I have received from you.
Chris Davies

As a relatively new customer of yours, may I congratulate you on providing a well organized professional and courteous service from first contact. Equally the lady who provides the cleaning service for me is thorough, reliable and of pleasant demeanour. I will continue to use this service and recommend it to others without reservation.

Thank goodness I found you John.

Regards, Keith Harrison

We feel very lucky to have Bizzee Beez looking after us. It is so nice to come home to a nice clean house after they have been. John has also been very helpful and accommodating when we have asked him to re-arrange days/times to fit in with us. I would recommend them to anyone.

Maria Walsh

Hello Lois,
I hope all went well this week and the girls got off to a good start?

Hi John,
The house looked lovely and I was really pleased, could you thank them from me.
Lois Phillips

Hi Joanne,
I hope all is going well with you?

All going good thanks.
Joanne Millard.(Nr. Pucklechurch)

Hi Lesley,
I hope all is going well?

Hi John
Yes fine thanks.
Lesley Irons ( Yate )

I recommend your services. Your cleaners have proved reliable, trustworthy and value for money.
Mike T

We would like to say how pleased we are. Now that we have enjoyed this service a few times and have been able to get to know you both we would be happy for you to be key holders for us, so we will be getting one cut soon.
Details withheld at client's request.

The Ronseal of cleaners - exactly what it says on the tin! The price was reasonable, the service was good and I have no worries about them holding a key to my house even!
At a time when we really needed a leg up with the housework Bizzee Beez was able to come in and clean to our priorities and to high standards.
Dee Whitehouse

What a pleasure it is to have two friendly, hard working ladies keeping our home sparkling.
Lesley Goodwin

Dear John,

I meant to tell you that we are delighted with the service you provide.
The girls are first class!
They are making things sparkle that I had long since given up on!
We hope to use your service for the forseeable future.

Thank you very much, between you both I feel we've been thrown a lifeline.

Yours Sincerely
Mary Butt

Hi John,

We are really, really happy. The girls did a wonderful job and I am most impressed! (as is my husband who never showed that kind of appreciation to my job of the housework!!!).
So, we look forward to seeing them again next week.

Many thanks. Liz Williams

Bizzee Beez have cleaned for us since they setup a few years ago and they have been excellent. Always on time, extremely flexible and do an outstanding job. They also have the added advantage of being really nice people and I would recomend them anyone.
Julia McWhirter

the cleaners came today as you know. I went out to take Andrew to hospital and left them to it. I couldn't believe it when I came home! Everything was shiny and sparkling!! They did a fantastic job, I am so pleased.
Shirley Carmichael

From someone who has had a bad experience of cleaners that were less than honest, take my advice and only use a company that can supply good references.
Bill Perrett

Weekly cleaning of my home, 100% reliable and as thorough as you want them to be, with flexible conscientious attitude, no problems or issues, after 6 months now I've found them to be honest and trustworthy, sometimes it's difficult to allow someone else to clean your home the way you want it, but they make me feel at ease, I have confidence in them.
Bridget Collett

Bizzee Beez are a top class company to have working for you; they take a pride in everthing they do.

They are the tops...
Michael James Singleton

I would recommend Bizzee Beez to anyone. The standard of clean is second to none and great value for money. The staff are completely professional and totally trustworthy which is extremely reassuring. My house has never looked so good, not sure how we ever managed before!
Jennie Williams

Having Bizzee Beez to help with the cleaning has been fantastic as my wife is quite ill.
One of the great aspects has been the ability to request different things to be tackled for each clean.

Big thumbs up, and thank you.
Dave Needham